Half-Day Tour to Terezin concentration camp from Prague

Tour to terezin from Prague

Come and learn about one of the hardest times in Europe. On the excursion to Terezín we will take you to the concentration camp on the periphery of Prague. One of the most recommended excursions in Prague.

concentration camp tour information:

⏳ Duration: 6 hours
???? At 9:00h
???? Precio: 35€ Adults / Childrens from 3 to 14 years 30€
???? Instant confirmation
???????? English guide


Less than an hour away from Prague, a visit to the Terezín camp is a magnificent opportunity to discover one of the crudest and most unknown episodes of the Holocaust.

Within that vast network of ghettos, concentration camps, labor and extermination camps, the Nazis devised a very unique one. A place with which, through a cold and methodical calculation, they tried to deceive the international community about the disturbing rumours coming from the territories occupied by the Third Reich.

But to know its history in depth we have to go further back in time. It was, irony of life, in the middle of the Age of Enlightenment when the Emperor Joseph II ordered the construction of an imposing military fortress with which to defend his domains from possible enemy attacks. Imposing bastions, walls and barracks are interspersed with gardens and colorful houses, giving Terezín the appearance of a typical village in the Czech countryside.

It was in this picturesque fortified citadel that the head of Nazi security, Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich, found the ideal place to create what the regime sold as a “city given to the Jews”. It was a kind of model colony. An idyllic community in which to settle Jews who had served in the ranks of the imperial German army; as well as German Jews, from the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Westerners and a good part of the Jewish intelligentsia of all these territories. The result was a schizophrenic attempt to camouflage fear and death with a supposed sense of everyday normality.

Between the end of 1941 and 1945 thousands of people were confined and overcrowded, and later many of them were “resettled in the East”. This is how the Nazi authorities euphemistically referred to the brutal extermination that was taking place in camps such as Treblinka and Auswitch-Birkenau, where most of these prisoners were killed.

Throughout the tour we will have the opportunity to get to know the exterior of the fortress, where today several monuments and memorials are spread out. The crematoria, where many of the camp’s victims were cremated, are of particular interest.

Once inside the fortress itself, we will visit walls and buildings to learn in detail about facilities such as the morgue or the columbarium, the Hidden Synagogue and several museums where we can learn first-hand, through original material and recreations intended for that purpose, what life was like in this prison.

Come with us on a visit where you can see a town marked by the horror experienced in those almost four years but that, behind its walls, also has an interesting history before and after the Second World War.

What will we see on the tour?

  • Large fortress
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • World War I Cemetery
  • Crematorium
  • Magdeburg Museum
  • Ghetto Museum
  • And much more…

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