Answers to the most common questions about the free tour of Prague:

Is it necessary to reserve a place in the Free Tours?

YES, unfortunately our team of guides is not unlimited and we have a maximum number of people per tour to guarantee the quality of our tours.

So yes! book now before it’s too late!

Are all tours in English?

Yes, because Czech is very difficult 🙂

Will we be many people on the tours?

We have established quality conditions for all participants to enjoy the tour, both guides and travelers. If the group is very large there will be several guides to assist you.

On the other hand, the minimum necessary for the tours to depart is 5 people.

On the Free Castle Tour do we have to buy a ticket to the castle?

No. Access to the castle is free, you can visit its courtyards, a part of the cathedral and some interior areas free of charge.

The ticket is mainly used to access the museums, which if they have a set price, the others are free.

When do the free tours take place?

Every day.

What if it rains, snows or is freezing?

As well ????

If the weather conditions are very critical and endanger the participants, we will have no choice but to cancel the guided tour. In that case we will give you early notification and provide you with other options.

Are the free tours for children too?

Of course! Children are always welcome, in most cases they are the ones who have the most fun and they force the parents to do other tours. 

When is the best time to book the free tour?

The sooner the better, so you can take advantage during the tour to ask your guide all the questions to organize your stay in Prague and recommend the best plans, restaurants or excursions.

Do the free tours include the price of the synagogues or museums?

No. During the free tours we visit different churches, monuments or buildings that are free of charge.

Museums, churches or synagogues that have a fixed price will also be explained on the outside, then it depends on each traveler if they want to pay to enter and extend the visit once the tour is over.

We are a group of more than 6. Can we join the free tour?

In this situation we always recommend hiring a private tour for your group, if you want to join the free tour you can do so, but with special conditions and an accorded price.

Ask us for an estimate without obligation, if you are a large group the price per person is low and you may be interested.

Is it mandatory to pay the guide on a free tour?

Are you really looking for the answer to this?