Prague New Town Tour: Nazism and Communism

New town tour

With our Tour of Nazism and Communism in Prague you will discover the New Town, one of the five UNESCO World Heritage districts in Prague.

We will explore Czech history from the beginning of the First World War to the Velvet Revolution, that brought democracy to this country, all in the same streets and buildings where the stories we are going to tell you took place.

Prague New Town Tour information

Duration: 2:30 hours
Everyday at 10:00h
Price: 15€ Adults / 12€ Students
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In this New Town Tour we will explore the Czech 20th century, focusing especially on the periods known as Nazism and Communism in Prague. We will walk through the New Town discovering the buildings that tell us about this part of the history and where even today you can see the remnants of what took place.

The tour will begin in front of the Rudolfinum building, from there we will enter the New Town and start with the Slavic-German conflict, necessary to understand the development of the last century in these lands. We will visit the Bethlehem Chapel, one of the most important buildings in Czech history. We will pass in front of the building that was the headquarters of the STB during the communist dictatorship and we will discover the building where the prison was located.

Next to the National Theatre we will talk about the evolution of the Czech nationalist sentiment and we will walk along one of the most beautiful parts of the river until we reach the famous Dancing House, there we will enjoy an enviable view of the city where you’ll be able to take spectacular photos.

After that we will visit the interior of the Crypt of Cyril and Methodius, where the 7 paratroopers of the famous Anthropoid Operation took refuge. The purpose of this mission was the attack against the high Nazi official Reynhard Heydrich, known as the Butcher of Prague. This is sure to be one of the highlights of the tour and one that is going to make your hair stand on end.

Later we will cross the great Charles Square, the largest square in the country, where we will see the City Hall of the New Town, witness of very important events.

We will then walk along Vodickova Street to later access the Lucerna Gallery, characteristic for its art deco style, and where we will see the controversial equestrian statue of the artist David Cerny.

We will finish our tour of the New Town in Wenceslas Square, where some of the most important historical moments of Prague happened: the Prague Spring during the communist dictatorship or the Velvet Revolution, that freed this country from communism and finally brought freedom and democracy. Come and join us!

What will we see on the New Town Tour?

  • The conflict with the Germans
  • The First World War
  • Creation of Czechoslovakia
  • Munich Conference
  • Second World War in Prague
  • Anthropoid Operation
  • Charles Square
  • Lucerna Passage
  • Prague Spring
  • Velvet Revolution
  • And much more…

Meeting Point

Look for our WHITE and GREEN umbrellas in front of the stairs of the Rudolfinum building, home of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: See in Google Maps.

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